What do Farnham Town Council allotment holders get for their rent?

This is a question that gets raised from time to time I am sure on all of the allotment sites.

As you all probably realise, the rents are subsidised to a significant level by FTC but still some people do question the value of their yearly rent. If the rents were not subsidised we would be paying many times what we do pay.

The liaison committee wanted to try to put together an overview of the benefits received by all FTC allotment holders.

I appreciate that this is potentially a hot topic so we welcome all feedback in the comments below.

  • 4 allotment newsletter on a seasonal basis
  • 1 free winter lecture (with half-time refreshments!)
  • A yearly allotment show held at The Maltings
  • Yearly scarecrow competition
  • Yearly PumpKing competition
  • Yearly allotment competition (best plots)
  • Site maintenance
  • Water at no extra cost
  • A yearly seed purchase saving scheme
  • A yearly BBQ (all invited)
  • Friendly help at the end of a ‘phone from Kevin
  • This website!

One Response

  1. Given the cost of the allotments and the little maintenance that we get I’d cancel all the competitions and get togethers if we could have the main path cut properly more than once a year.

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