Pork & Parsnip Cobbler

A friend tried this recipe recently and it is a big hit so if you still have parsnips in the ground then give it a try!

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Sad News

After attending the allotment meeting yesterday I learnt that Neville Watkins sadly passed away last week following an ongoing battle with his health. Although I did not know him personally Neville had a plot on the West Street Allotment for 40 years and was known by everyone for his amazing ability to grow Iris and Dahlias.

Neville was a keen gardener and was a member of the British Iris Association and was always happy to provide advice and a few flowers to people showing an interest.

Jenny Williams put it to the liason group that a new category should be added to the allotment show for ‘Best single Dahlia stem’ in memory of Neville which was agreed with great enthusiasm. It was decided to use Dahlias as Iris would not be viable for July. All details of the allotment show will be posted onto the site soon so keep visiting!

Thompson & Morgan Catalogues and order dates decided!

For those of you who ordered last year, I won’t need to remind you how much you can save by placing your Thompson seed order through the Farnham allotment rep. Bulk orders save on postage and we can get up to 50% off!

Mrs J.Williams will be at the car park outside West Street Extension on Saturday 31st October at 11am to hand out catalogues, and then again on Saturday 7th November to take orders.

Any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Hosepipe usage on Farnham allotments…

I know that some allotment holders have been geting annoyed at the use of hosepipes on the plots so I thought I would quiz Kevin Taitt about it. His response was as follows:

Hosepipes are allowed on our allotments and are allowed to be used even when a hosepipe ban is issued for private gardens. Obviously if the situation was serious enough the Council would consider its options and decide on its course of action. We would expect allotment holders to act responsibly when using hosepipes on allotments at all times. We would expect allotment holders not to leave hosepipes unattended at anytime. I hope this clarify’s the situation for you.

Kind regards


I think it’s great we can use hosepipes but with the consideration of others – don’t plug your hose in and sit there for hours. Also if someone is using a hosepipe and you need water, I shouldn’t think that person would mind if you filled up your cans providing you let me know and connect them back up again.

Obviously with water at a premium, don’t let the heat go to your heads, be nice!

Take care and happy plotting, Lotty

January – Rabbie Burns night is almost here!

As per usual, if there’s any excuse to celebrate with cooking a meal and drinking a nice tipple to go with it we’ll use it. Burn’s night is a classic for the Wheelers. Continue reading

Oh Deer!

It has been mentioned on several occasions now about the deer ravaging the veg on the shepherd and flock roundabout… Continue reading

What to do with pumpkins beside carve them?

Hi everyone! Following on from the allotment liason meeting, Sue Haworth Edwards asked me to post some recipes for Pumpkins, so I thought I’d let you in on a few I’ve tried… Continue reading